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Selected Presentations

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More than 100 presentations to professional groups; primarily groups of psychologists, judges, and attorneys.  I have also had 10 television and 4 radio appearances.

Haynes, J.  Insanity: A multifaceted concept often misunderstood.  Presentation of Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters. Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan, March 2016.

Haynes, J.  Fundamentals of expert testimony.  Wayne State University School of Medicine Grand Rounds-Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences. Detroit, Michigan, April 2014.

Haynes, J.  Expert witness testimony tips: Before, during, and after.  Presentation to Michigan Judicial Institute. Lansing, Michigan, January 2014.

Haynes, J.  Michigan child custody act factors, appellate decisions, and child development issues.  Presented to Michigan Judicial Institute. Lansing, Michigan, January 2014.

Haynes, J.  Best practices in child custody interviewing for Friend of the Court counselors.  Presentation to Michigan Judicial Institute.  Lansing, Michigan, October 2009.

Haynes, J.  The status of criminal responsibility statutes in the U.S.  Presentation to Monash University Law School.  Program of Professor Bernadette McSherry.  Sydney, Australia, September 2008.

Haynes, J.  Judicial interview of children.  Presentation to Wayne County Family Court judges.  Detroit, Michigan, February 2008.

Haynes, J.  Three presentations: Developmental needs of children of different ages in the context of joint custody; Keys for interviewing children; Understanding and effectively dealing with parental alienation allegations.  Presentation to Family Court referees.  Michigan Judicial Institute.  Lansing, Michigan, November 2007.

Haynes, J.  Psychopathology and managing difficult clients.  Presentation to Oakland County Bar Association Family Law Section.  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September 2003.

Haynes, J.  Psychological issues and effective Court responses regarding Michigan's Juvenile Respondent PPO Law.   Presentation to Michigan Judicial Institute (Supreme Court Unit) Judicial Conferences.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 1999.  Traverse City, Michigan, April 1999.  Lansing, Michigan, June 1999.

Haynes, J.  Significant psychological aspects of change of domicile.  Presentation to State Bar of Michigan, Family Law Section; Southfield, Michigan, May 1999.

Haynes, J.  An empirical study of intense child custody dispute outcomes.  Presentation to Michigan Psychological Association Conference.  Livonia, Michigan, March 1996.

Haynes, J.  Adolescent sex offenders: Dynamics, assessment, treatment.  Presentation to Eleventh Annual Conference of the Michigan Society of Forensic Psychology. Ypsilanti, Michigan, September 1993.

Haynes, J.  Twenty questions to consider in sexual abuse allegations in child custody cases.  Presentation to Annual Judicial Conference of Michigan.  Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administration Office; Bellaire, Michigan, August 1992.

Haynes, J.  Detecting deception in the clinical assessment of parents in child custody and abuse cases.  Presentation to the Eighth Annual Conference of the Michigan Society of Forensic Psychology; Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 1990.

Haynes, J.  Examination and cross-examination strategies for psychological testing in domestic relations cases.   Presentation to State Bar of Michigan-Family Law Section; Southfield, Michigan, March 1990.

Haynes, J.  Twenty Questions: What to ask and what to know about psychological evaluations in child custody and visitation cases.  Presentation to State Bar of Michigan - Family Law Section, Southfield, Michigan, February 1988.

Haynes, J.  Issues and strategies in juvenile forensic psychological assessment.  One hour presentation to Michigan Society of Forensic Psychology full day conference on forensic psychological testing.  Author was co-chairperson of conference; Novi, Michigan, November 1986.

Haynes, J. & Cowan, L.  Advanced Seminar in Forensic Psychology: Child Custody (2 days, 6 hours).  Seminar for Michigan Society of Forensic Psychology; October 27 and November 3, 1984.

Haynes, J.  The psychology of the rapist.  Paper presented at Dammasch Hospital; Wilsonville, Oregon, August 1983.